Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vendemian - One In A Million (2011)

One In A Million

The classic band Vendemmian has risen from its ashes and they returned with “One More Time” in 2008, followed by the self released compilation; “Drunk Stupid And Goth” (¡What an excellent title!) And now, we have this ”One In A Million” from 2011. This album is really a great return from this 90’s band; we have here a fine piece of pure Gothic Rock. This band started in 1992, after the split of Restoration during the second wave; and they were very well known at that time. With five studio records and appearances in compilations like: Nightbreed’s “New Alternatives II”, and Mick Mercer’s “Gothic Rock II”; and with articles in magazines like ”Propaganda”; everyone involved in the Gothic scene knew at least, some of their songs. The band is well known for creating a fresh and distinctive style; they have influences from The Mission UK, Play Dead, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Play Dead, New Model Army, etc. The present decade of the new millennium has seen the return of some legends like: Nosferatu, The March violets, and now is the time of Vendemmian. And they are really welcome, because this is a great band.”One in a million” is a perfect example of their sound in this record: Straight Gothic Rock.

 This album sounds like a crossing between the previous one: “One More Time” and the melodic and classic “Treacherous” The balance between energetic rhythms and melody, is a constant in this album. “Hollow Inside” has the same tendency of the first track; this one feels oriented to 80’s Rock , and it has hook .”I’m Falling” features the energetic Gothic Rock typical of the classic Vendemian. It has a lot of energy, but at the same time it’s really fine and well constructed. In “The other side of me” they display great guitar sound, the rhythm section provides strength, and the voices are really passionate. This is such a fine track! The same description fits quite well to “Shine on”; with catchy melody and captivating chorus.”Walk away” and the previous one; “Shine on” has all the features that a really good single have. Radio Gothic Rock DJs have to check these brilliant tracks.”Heaven” is such an inspired and classy track, it lives up to the classics and is very in the vein of The Mission UK. ”Better than everything” is pure Gothic Rock at its finest. ”Innocent” is captivating; with lots of charm, radiant, and vivid. This guitar driven track has a fascinating vibe.”Sea of colours” is melodic and introspective. Vendemian closed this album with a very emotive track….I have to say that honestly, I wanted to listen more songs. I had such a good time with this album.

This “One In A Million” has its own shine and is a high recommended record. This classic band is doing great music in this era; and we are really glad about it.