Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Spiritual Bat - Cruel Machine (2011)

The Spiritual Bat
Cruel Machine
Danse Macabre 

The Spiritual Bat is a classic; this highly talented duo featuring: Dario Passamonti (composer, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist), and Rosetta Garri (Lyrics, vocals, drums, programming) is back with this “Cruel Machine”. Their origins are back in the year of 1992, with the band called The Spiritual Bats; and they had a remarkable career. By the year 2004; Rosetta and Dario continued as a duo under the name of The Spiritual Bat. They have a total domain of two classic schools: Gothic-Post Punk and Death Rock, the result is a fascinating fusion of this dark music styles; executed with majesty. I’m a big fan of Siouxsie and The Banshees; and the two Souxsie-influenced singers that I respect the most are: Layla Reyna from Strap On Halo, and of course; Spiritual Bat’s Rosetta Garri. And I have to say that Dario is a very talented song writer; full of ideas, and a very skilled guitar player too. This album is on par with what one would expect from this band: A total delight for real dark music lovers.

“Cruel Machine” opens this album in a very big way: Deep bass lines, vivid drumming (provided by Rosetta), the guitar and the voice will bring you the idea of a liquid surface, distorting the reflected images like waves.”Thunder storm” really takes off with great vitality; and it’s such a great and melodic Gothic Rock track. Awesome drums here.”Sento” is a superb Gothic-Death Rock hybrid; with exciting rhythm, great riffs, end the voice reaching high tones. Perfect track to ignite the audience in their shows.”Once Upon A Time” is mid-tempo; but has great strength, and surrounding rhythm. It has notorious influence of Rozz William’s Christian Death.”Tormented Body” is another Christian Death influenced track, really dark and atmospheric.”The Other Side” has nostalgic feeling and is very passionate; the song is smooth and has a wide variety of textures. “Chance” brings back the energetic rhythms, combined with ethereal passages. Definitely, this another ace track for live shows.”Empty Halls” is passionate and a well built track, the voice and the keyboards have the leading part here.”Crucifixion” is a classic Death Rock-styled; alternating gloomy passages with exciting rhythms. Listen to this one at high volume. “Lament of the poisoned mother” is gloomy and it has intensity.”Deceiving” is simply Gothic-Death Rock at its best, well balanced track with a good dose of energy.”Sacrament” has a unique vibe and Deathrockish strength, very good track indeed.”Acquoreo”, is slow and quite a dark trip.

The Spiritual Bat is a consummate Gothic-Death Rock band, their records are quality stuff and their releases are really worth to have it. They are some modern day-classic without a doubt.