Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christine Plays Viola - Innocent Awareness (2011)

Christine Plays Viola
Innocent Awareness

Established in 2008; Christine Plays Viola is a really young band. But what a revelation they are for the Gothic Rock scene of the New Millennium. After two E.P.´s (It'll Be Cold This Winter" and "Useless To See Beyond") the band is back with this impressive debut album. It is really hard to believe that this is the first album made by them. I said this because too many bands have a record like this in the pinnacle of their careers. In other words, they sound very experienced and they were really inspired while doing this album. For a moment; I remembered how some bands from record labels such as Hyperium , or Projerct, explored the dark fields of music, and they dared to go beyond. The result was the creation of new and innovative sounds. The music of Christine Plays Viola; is a fusion of elaborated Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, and the finest Post Punk. It is really exquisite and it was built with some complexity which is closer to some progressive bands. But I have to say that at the same time; they are a very dynamic and spontaneous band. Another highlight in their very unique sound is the addition of synths; they have been included in such a natural way.

The intro ”Albatros” has a minimalistic rhythm; and it will be the basis for the awesome “Swallowed Cold Insanity” .This song surrounds you with the very special energy, and charm that this band possesses.”Witch of silence” has a smooth touch of Gothic Rock, combined with some very elegant Post Punk. This is a consummate Dark Wave track.”Four Steps in your hole”; is another sample of their awesome talent when creating some of the finest Dark Wave-Post Punk. The musical execution is simply flawless; and the voice has great passion. I found some resemblance with Robert Smith in the voice, especially when doing those high tones. “Innocent Awareness” is radiant, it has the spirit of the early New Order; interpreted with the creative vision of Christine Plays Viola ¡Brilliant track! “Admire a new demise” could be something like their “Progressive” side: The track starts with a very immersive ambient passage; later it transforms into a fine piece of Dark Wave, and finally it came with an unsuspected end. “Permutations” is another of the highlights in this album; it has a very notorious influence of Joy Division, and it has great rhythm. “The Parchment sand” is melodic Post Punk, very 80’s style with lots of emotion and synths. 

Intensity and despair comes with “Failed to connect to heart (end line)” At the start of the song; the voice has a strong resemblance with Robert Smith in the classic Cure album: “The Top” At the end, this has energetic rhythm and is gloomy at the same time. “I was wrong” closes the album and it’s very introspective, it is a quiet conclusion for this album.

This is the kind of record that you want to enjoy with yourself. I have read that even some musicians are impressed with these artists; I have no doubt about it. Christine Plays Viola is a really innovative band. They are very talented, and this is one of a kind record. This “Innocent Awareness” is truly a very enjoyable experience.