Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coma Divine - Dead End Circle (2011)

Coma Divine
Dead End Circle

Coma Divine presents a wide combination of musical styles in this “Dead End Circle”: from Gothic Rock, Gothic Metal, to Alternative Rock. Think about a hardened version of L’ÂME IMMORTELLE combined with the alternative textures of QUEEN ADREENA (previously DAISY CHAINSAW) their music is dark, with loud guitars, atmosphere, and impressive female voice; and it’s very well constructed. As I said before; they are in the middle of the grounds of Alternative, Gothic Rock and Metal with Razor-sharp loud guitars. It is a very interesting and catchy combination, and it sounds very fresh. I have to say that the result is really different from the other bands in which these musicians have been involved. The members of Coma Divine have a very interesting and respectable background: Sonja Kraushofer, singer of the world famous Dark Wave band: L’ÂME IMMORTELLE and PERSEPHONE, Martin Hoefert (PERSEPHONE & Ex-SOPOR AETERNUS), Franz Heinrich Lirsch, David Pernsteiner, and Ashley Dayour. ¡Amazing!, this is the third project in which Ashley is working; the other two are: DEVIL  AND THE UNIVERSE and of course, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW. ”Burn Sister” is the opening track, and it comes with great energy. It has alternative sound with loud rocking guitars.

 This song features some really interesting transitions: They take you to other places; and then, they take you back to the electrifying energy of the beginning. ”Rotten world” it’s hard sounded with melody and aggressive chorus; this one has transitions to dark and dramatic passages and the end is climatic. ”The Odd one out” begins with some tenterhooks-like rhythm, and the song really takes off in the chorus with dynamic energy and passion. ”I Remember” has a very unique interpretation of Gothic Metal combined with Alternative Rock. In contrast, “From time to time” is a more traditional Gothic Metal; with great melody in the chorus and cool riffs. This could be a really good single.”Praise the fallen” has an Ethereal-Gothic sound; very melodic from the beginning to the end. “Reason to live” is like a Gothic ballad, very passionate and with those guitars; providing strength and intensity at the end of the song. “Secret lover” has atmospheric passages combined with really fluid Gothic Rock with a good dose of vitality. “Fast lane” is a well balanced Alt- Metal track with really good and chorus. “About a girl” brings me memories of some Alternative-Heavy bands from the 90’s like Helmet or a faster version of some passages from Rage Against The Machine. The female voice gives a very refreshing twist to this song. “Dead end” is a very ballad-like song with passion and it’s very relaxing, this record ends with calm. “Dead End Circle “has a high level of quality, I like the fact that every song is different; and most of them have transitions and changes (both musical and of mood) We have here some very talented musicians, and they are involved in much respected bands and projects. At the end, this is a very recommendable record; and it has to be listened with open mind to appreciate it in a better way.