Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pin Ups - Trash & Glam (2001)

The Pin Ups
Trash & Glam
Warner Finland

Pete Europa has been active in the underground scene of Finland, since the early 80’s up to this day (with Neu Zaum) Regular readers of This Is Gothic; have knew about his labor in the world of music, art, and film-making. He is a very interesting person and he used to travel from Finland to The UK in the early 80’s; and he was there when everything about Post Punk, Gothic and Bat Cave happened. And of course, he was involved in the local underground 80’s scene of his country. If you go to his official web site, you will find lots of interesting info about that scene (and about him). Sometime later, he knew to the talented guitar player, Floyd Superstar (He was like a 2mts tall Daniel Ash, wearing dresses and heavy make-up, really cool) They decided to form a band with lots of unconventional ideas. So, The Pin Ups were born. They were such a fascinating and ravishing band. They had androgynous look, and they had attitude; lots of attitude. Musically, they combined a raw charm with glam chords. It’s like Inca Babies and The Gun Club, combined with Flesh For Lulu, Specimen, and of course…The Cramps! I love those bands, and my fascination for the Pin Ups was something immediate. 

The name of Trash (for the raw Punk sound) and Glam (for the influences of Glam Rock, in their music and image) is the perfect definition for this band and for their really exciting music too. Back in the day; they had attention from the legendary John Peel, and The Pin Ups were aired on his BBC show. The band recorded two singles and one E.P. Sometime later; Floyd left the band and formed Nights Of Iguana. In 1988 Pete was exhausted because of the underground scene lifestyle, and withdraws from it. This album has 13 studio and live tracks. The music of Pin Ups is electrifying, edgy, and it has the genius that comes with spontaneity. It’s pure energy and abandon, It’s raw Post Punk and Glam Rock….It’s Trash and Glam! This album is good from the beginning to the end; it has some incendiary songs (“Here we come”, ”Come and flight with us”, ”Even though she..”, etc) , and other songs have great rhythm(“Isn’t that love”, “Useless”, “Deep in a dope”, etc), and you will have a great moment while listening to this record. If you love to all the bands mentioned before, you will receive the music of The Pin Ups with open arms.

Daniel Olvera