Monday, March 11, 2013

Killing Joke - MMXII (2012)

Killing Joke
Spinefarm Records

This is the 15th studio album from the legendary Killing Joke; they have been active since 1979. Back in the day, they shared the stage with Joy Division, Discharge, The Danse Society, Fad Gadget, etc. Their sound has been Chameleonic through all these years; and they have been artists of vanguard since the beginning. Every generation has adopted some of their songs as anthems, and they are a big influence for bands going from Punk, Metal, Gothic, Industrial, and even Electronic music. They are well-knew because they talk about topics of the real world, as well as their interest in the occult. After many transformations in their sound; the original line up returned with “Absolute Dissent” (2010) This was a such acclaimed record, somehow they returned to the basis, to the original creative spirit; but it was reinforced with the years of experience and the constant evolution. MMXII is the next step, it has the same felling and energy from a Killing Joke returning to their essence; but this one is more elaborated and the production is more complex. This record is really powerful and you will want to play it over, and over. It’s a perfect alloy of musical power, impeller melodies, and interesting lyrics.

“Pole shift” is about the poles of the earth switching places abruptly, and musically the song is something like that: From a melodic and quiet landscape, it transforms into an outbreak of unleashed energy. “Fema Camp” has heavy rhythm, rocking guitars, and rising chorus.”Rapture” was the first track from this album that was revealed, in February of 2012. It’s pure energy and is irresistible, it has fast rhythm and they added shynts and samples to the musical arsenal. It was a great way to capture the attention from the people. “Colony Collapse “ is really well-balanced. It has strength, with great rhythm in the verse, and the chorus has rising riffs; preceding to the take off   of the voice. “Corporate Elect” is a sonic landslide with fast rhythm, burning riffs, and the voice of Jazz rises so loud; to the point of sounding really rending.”In Cythera” is the first single; it has strength and passion. They combined a strong rhythm with melody, in a great way.”Primovile” is a track very rich in its sonic architecture. It has a surrounding ambient, combined with passages of great intensity. “Glitch” is another sonic blast; with the bass and the drums creating such a crushing rhythm, loud riffs, the voice is loud to the max, and the keyboards are giving the emphasis to this energetic track.”Trance” is equally loud and powerful, and this album reaches a climactic and electric moment with this song.”On hallows eve” is the calm after the storm: all its quiet peace and relax, and the chorus broke that calm with great emotion.“MMXII” is a fascinating record; it shows a Killing Joke really strong and with great creative energy. Some legends have retired and vanished in the shadows of silence, other legends are living from their past glories, and others are much criticized for whatever motives. But these legends are doing great records acclaimed by the people; and they are as solid and creative as ever, maintaining their Cult-status. I admire and respect that.