Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beyond The Eyes Of Men - Unlock The Mirror (2009)

Beyond The Eyes Of Men
Unlock The Mirror

Beyond The Eyes Of Men is the musical project of the very talented artist, James Dinan (guitars, bass, and voice), he is from Columbus, Ohio (USA) and this project has been quite a revelation for me; this release has music of  great quality, and is quite solid and rich in its musical variety. James Dinan has drawn a fascinating landscape using the darker sounds of Post-Punk , Dark Wave, and Gothic Rock. The tracks in this album are finely constructed, detailed, and well produced. James is a very skilled musician; and his deep-dark voice   rounds the musical concept of Beyond The Eyes Of Men. 

This is a highly enjoyable experience, and it is full of dark atmospheres and music of high level.”You try to run” begins with some minimalistic sequences; and they built a dark atmosphere around them, and the song is charming and trance inducing. It has deep and highly melodic bass lines, a down-tempo rhythm well executed, whispering-like guitars, and the unique voice of James. This song introduces us in a great way to the musical world of BTEOM. And it will be a very pleasant trip.”Icons” is another down-tempo track, irresistible and very melodic; and it comes with acoustic sound. It’s an exquisite Gothic-Dark-Wave track.”Marionette in danger” is quite sharp with a harder sound on the guitars. Somehow, this song brings me memories of the amazing Screams For Tina (in their 80’s era) for their unique mixture of “Gloom and doom” style, and melody.”Tower” is a total and radical contrast: we have here some shynts, perfectly coupled with the sound and the style of BTEOM. Another high quality Gothic-Dark Wave tune.

 ”Our dreams are gone”, combines the finest sounds of Post-Punk with Gothic-style elegance. This track is very refined. ”Divine engineer” is some of the finest Gothic-Dark wave; it has acoustic sound, and it is inspiring, relaxing, and very enjoyable. “The man with the X-ray eyes” is a remarkable cover of the classic song of Bauhaus; finely done and with the personal touch of Beyond The Eyes of Men.”Victoria” is traditional Gothic Rock with the spirit of the 90’s classics. The energy is flowing here, and it’s radiant. “Wedding day” is a romantic, beautiful song; very pleasant. ”Black car” closes the album with a relaxing feel. James Dinan is a very talented artist, a musician of great level, and a very interesting songwriter; he has created a record to be proud for. This is another great surprise in the underground scene of today. If you like bands like The Beauty Of Gemina, or Brotherhood; definitely; you have to listen to Beyond The Eyes Of Men.

Daniel Olvera