Monday, March 11, 2013

Siiiii - Ancient (2012)

AFmusic (2012)

Here we have a piece of history. Classic band Siiiii was born in the days of the original Gothic scene in The UK, during the early 80’s .They shared the darkness of their contemporaries; but at the same time, they carved a sound of their own. Just like all the bands of their generation. Siiiii appeared in the underground scene in 1983; and shared the stage with such classics like The Chameleons, Skeletal Family, The March Violets, Inca Babies, etc. They recorded some demos at that time in their own King Sol Records, and have been active until 1986. The band was unsigned; they only released those demo-tapes. In the early days of the new millennium with the renewed interest in the Old-School Gothic Rock, Bat Cave, and Death Rock, they returned to the scene. And like other bands of that time; they had their first releases ever on C.D. They were one of those bands, whose music remained in the shadows for many years. “Ancient”, is a collection of their demo tapes; and was released in 2005 -2006 by King Sol Records (It was re-released in 2012 by AF Music in both physical and digital formats) in the same year; they appeared in Drop Dead Festival. "Ein Verdammtes Versprechen", their debut album was released in 2008.

Ancient” is a compilation of demos with 15 tracks, this release is of great interest if you love early Gothic. This is a collection of the darker sounds of their generation. They weren’t one-dimensional artists; they show a lot of versatility in their music. If you listen to this record without any clue of who is actually playing, maybe you can think that this is a compilation of demo tapes from different bands with the same singer (the voice is very unique), because they experimented with different sounds and atmospheres. Siiiii is one of those bands from the past, who were highly diffused by the internet at the beginning of the New Millennium. It’s so good to have access to this part of the history of the early Gothic scene, because this part of the tale remained untold for decades; and it is really worth to have a listen! If you like early Bauhaus, Inca babies, 1919, Twisted Nerve, The Danse Society, 13 Chime, UK Decay, etc. Don’t hesitate, this one is for you.