Monday, March 11, 2013

Horror Vacui - In Darkness You Will Feel Alright (2012)

Horror Vacui
In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
Avant Records 

This is some of the finest Italian Dark-Punk or Gothic Punk acts. Horror Vacui rises with the electrifying “In Darkness You Will Feel Alright”. I like everything about this band: The morbid album cover, the Punk- D.I.Y. sleeve: with black and white; cut and paste art. And most of all… The music! They had a previous experience playing Anarcho Punk and Metal, and they are really skilled musicians. This Punk background provides strength and raw darkness to their music; and their skills on the guitars, are giving the well-executed Gothic Rock structures here. The drums have pounding rhythms, the bass lines have the lineage of the best dark Post Punk and Gothic sounds, and the voice is very unique. All of these elements are well combined; giving shape to a very unique and captivating dark sound. They define their music as Gothic Rock heavily influenced by Punk, and that’s totally true. What I like the most about this new breed of Dark Punk bands is the fact that their approach to the music scene is very honest; and free of all pose. The name list is increasing constantly, and we have lots of bands doing some of the most exciting and really dark music. Experts in Horror movies will know that the intro of this album is the main theme of the movie Rosemary’s baby. After this, “Black Rivers” emerges with the awesome riffs and energy of the best Gothic Punk. This song is such an awesome opener for this record.

”I like it when a soldier dies” has a very controversial title, but actually it is a song against war. Musically, it is a Gothic Punk assault of strong rhythm, guitars, and the voice is singing loud and clear.”Corvux Corax” has a display of guitar sounds in the style of Corpus Delicty. In the chorus this song becomes even darker, proceeding to the strong rhythms.”Every time” is such a passionate track; the bass riff has some resemblance with the one in “A Forest” by The Cure; but only for a moment, at the beginning and during the verse. In the chorus the song is a completely different story, while rising the level of intensity. We have here great rhythm and awesome guitar work. Really fine and captivating track it is. “In darkness you will feel alright” is a song for the creatures of the night. They have combined energetic Gothic Rock with Dark Punk in such an awesome way.”Yersinia” will make you move for sure; it is electrifying and exciting.”Arabian Springs” is maybe the more rampant track; in terms of their rhythm and strength. The guitar work has a special mention here.”Leave me alone” is really well executed; with great transitions from melodic Gothic Rock, to some fast-rhythm and hardened chorus.”Outro” sounds really great, but when you are starting to enjoy this song…it comes to an end! It could be great if they do someday a full song from this.

Here you have it! : Gothic Rock heavily influenced by Punk; it is great music of high quality and lots of energy. Horror Vacui is intensity and awesome dark music, they gave us their 100% in this album and we are more than glad about it! Great album from the beginning to the end: Highly recommended.