Friday, May 16, 2014

Carfax Haddo

Name: Carfax Haddo
Country: Costa Rica
City/ Location: Palmares

Photo Credit: Gerson Vargas

Devoted to the dark side since always, all started for me when (2002)I took the bass playing place in the disappeared, micro urban legend, "life time measurement": The gothic rock Costa Rican band -Draconian Incubus-, in between those years, also a founding member of Sex And Blood and other forgotten local band, and in all, slightly understated as everyone, in the and it was worth it, really enjoyed it at the time, all this has led me to be part of Last Dusk (2011) with very talented people accomplishing my dream of singing. In December 2012 I was revealed to be the official Head Lodge of the merciful nuns Costa Rican Lodge. In February 2013 I started my work with Deadfall Artist/Band Management first as Promotions. Manager and now as A&R Agent. This year I started my own Radio Show "Dominion" in a promising Radio Web in which I share my favorite genre to whom really interest.

From the second wave to the third wave

In the beginning, just a few rumors and echoes from abroad gave us an idea of it all gradually thanks to globalization we learned about it, in that moment we did not know even about a second wave. What ever Happen in Costa Rica, some of you may wonder? well, in this is the belly bottom of the world and obviously the melting pot of all kind of abominations, the opened gate to all the marvels of both modern and ancient world may offer, dont´you think it´s been like this since the beginning, meanwhile the second wave came out we had nothing!, nothing at all, globalization came too late to this place, first we the sons of the low-middle working class-lol- had only alternative rock, metal and well all the precious treasures that latino beats bring forth, and I really mean it, we are talking here about a lot of refreshing possibilities for all the senses, BUT, the "pulse" that dark and underrated, heathen need for Gothic rock was love at second sight to me, not for it´s musical content, just for all the paltriness and selfishness that lurked the country in those early years. In some moment of its short story, the CR´s gothscene, has tried to emerge, always betrayed, in exchange for distraction to other poor genres and cheap interests, been prostituted by a few pence and a few crumbs of flattery but always latent and with a few real advocates whose hearts lies its true existence as well as you do dear readers. There are wonderful bands out there, our monster is alive, you better accept it , the third wave exist against all odds.

15 records of the new millennium
In no particular order:

Salvation Amp - Hidden Faces
Sweet Ermengarde - Rayham Hall
Grooving in Green - Stranglehold
New Zero God - Fun Is A Four Letter Word 
Merciful Nuns - Lib I
Nosferatu - Wonderland
Whispers in the Shadow - The Rites Of Passage
Draconian Incubus - Ligeia
Godless Procession - Godless Procession
Angels of Liberty - Angels of Liberty | Collectors set
Elusive - Destination Zero
Aeon Sable - Saturn Return
NFD - Dead Pool Rising
Les Fleurs Du Mal - Concrete Ravings
The Spiritual Bat - Through the Shadows

Favorite 15 records of all time
In no particular order:

Two Witches - The Vampire Kiss
Screams for Tina  -Screams for Tina
The Wake - Masked
Bauhaus - The Sky´s gone out
The Sisters Of Mercy - Floodland
Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium
Christian Death - Ashes
Love Like Blood - An Irony Of Fate
Héroes Del Silencio - El Espíritu del Vino
Corpus Delicti -Twilight 
The Marionettes - Ave Dementia
The Mission - Children
Los Carniceros Del Norte - Poe is dead
Nosferatu - Rise
Blooding Mask- All the Colours of  Ddeath