Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ikon - Subversion | Single (2013)

Subversion II
Nile Records
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This is a 2013 re-issue of the classic single (1998) by the Australian Gothic Rock legends: Ikon. They have a great career; they are a very well-known and highly respected band in the Gothic Rock and Post punk scene, and this single is a good example of their awesome music.

Subversion II (2013 remix)” is a pretty emotive and melodic Dark Wave track, with those synths and keyboards giving some colorful touch to the well-constructed arrangement in this song. “In Power We Entrust: The Love Advocated (Version) | Dead Can Dance cover” is the unmistakable traditional combination of sober elegance, and refined melody which has been a distinctive feature of this band through the years. Every chord here is Ikon expertise all in all. “Overcome (2013 remix)” is Ikon’s vision of Gothic Rock: It is a pretty well-balanced mixture of great rhythm, melody and energy; the arrangement is impeccable. “My Shadow Of Selfishness (Acoustic Version)” is deeply immersive with this acoustic sound; it is a pretty relaxing song. “Presence” is Gothic Rock-Post Punk with some acoustic touch; this one is an unreleased track and sounds great. And finally we have an extended mix of “Subversion II”

Ikon is such a classic; and this single is a must have for the fans and for everybody who loves Gothic Rock and Post Punk. It is available in colored vinyl (red, green and transparent) and CD; the work made in the remix process brings a stunning sound for this special re-release. High quality stuff!

Daniel Olvera

A - Subversion II (2013 Remix)
B - In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated (2013 Remix)

This Quiet Earth 2013 Sampler

CD-1 Subversion II (2013 Remix)
CD-2 In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated (Version)
CD-3 Overcome (2013 Remix)
CD-4 My Shadow Of Selfishness (Acoustic Version)
CD-5 Presence (Previously Unreleased)
CD-6 Subversion II (Extended Mix)