Friday, May 2, 2014

Nun - Nun (2014)


This Australian band has just released their first LP with Avant! They manage to make punk, new wave and minimal wave merge into a unique special sound.

With the first track, “Immersion II”, the band wakes you up with a cold water bucket. The singer hoals and screams on machine-like background. Petrifying. Next is the poppy “Evoke the Sleep” and its frantic beat, electronic explosions and spaceship feel. Like playing an 80’s starship arcade game and eating acid drop candies. Flashy, bubbly, it reminds of Frustration or Devo, just much sweeter, especially thanks to the girly vocals. In the track “Kino”, you’ll get the same supercharged atmosphere, a dramatic synth, hypnotic frantic beat, and little by little a wall of electronic sound making it hard to distinguish what is there. On top of that, a mean singing, sung like spitting and hating. Follow more catchy deanceable fun tracks, “Suppress electricity” and “Subway”. “Uri Geller” is a good minimal wave intent, but a bit too long and repetitive in my opinion. Then comes my favourite track on the LP: “Cronenberg”. It’s dark, and crazy too, with a frantic beat, and the envolving guitar loops sound. “Terrormaze” is evil, twisted minimal wave. Lovely! The LP ends with the quieter “In Blood” and its atmospheric synths and amazing vocals.

NUN manages to convince with their first release, with a very good use of synths and electronic sounds and beats. The vocals are definitely a good point: used with different styles throughout the album and totally uninhibited. For lovers of new wave, minimal wave and 80’s atmospheres, as the album is full of 80’s references and influences. The most impressive about it is the twisted, mean feel that lies underneath.

Guillaume Renard