Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fear Incorporated - Sawney’s Cave (2010)

Fear Incorporated
Sawney’s Cave
Plastic Frog Records

¡Wow! This is a totally conceptual album and it tells the tale of serial killer and cannibal, Sawney Bean. This is real Gothic Post Punk Horror Music. And I will do an emphasis on Horror, because this is REAL HORROR: What a human being is capable to do to another one. This is not your silly monster, mummy or werewolf tale; the monster is real here and it has name and face. A little of history: Sawney Bean (born in the XVI Century) decided to live with his wife in some cave, in the county of Galloway (South east of Scotland) They used to hijack to solitary travelers, killed them in gruesome ways, and did acts of cannibalism. He and his wife founded a clan and they were an incestuous brood.

Sometime later, all the members of the clan were arrested and executed. This tale is in the edge between legend and history. The album begins with “Land of the dead” a track of powerful and creepy atmosphere with overwhelming rhythm, deep-melodic bass lines with Post Punk feeling, good guitars with effects, and the theatrical and powerful voice. A great start for this album. “Sawney’s cave” is gloomy and dramatic, pure atmosphere and dark ambient.”Two Black Hearts” is frenetic and really dark with great strength, it has some true evil feeling, and the voice will give you the creeps. This song has some really good use of organ, what can be creepier than this? ...Love it! “Hell’s waistcoat” is dark and calm melody, but it is some kind of uneasy calm while the voice depicts the horrors of the chamber of death. “Cannibal King” is stunning; they use electronic sound, and the voice is loud and macabre. This track sounds raw and dirt and it makes it even creepier. Thumbs up! With “Hunting party”, you will have images of this depraved souls lurking in the dark for new victims. “Sawney´s snare” is an instrumental and could be great for the score of some underground horror film; without a doubt. “The tollbooth song” is another outbreak of dark energy and energetic rhythm. They know how to sound really evil and I like it so much.”Sawney’s End” is another master track with evil and quite dark sound; is delusional. The voice makes me remember to the theatrical style of Black Atmosphere. “The Innkeeper’s end” is pure dark ambient and the epitaph for this Horror Gothic Post Punk album. This record is unforgettable, quite an experience and it has real atmosphere; and it is quite impressive because it has real soul (A creepy one) and the music has great quality. It is fascinating like a good horror movie.

Daniel Olvera