Thursday, March 20, 2014

M!R!M - Heaven (2013)

Fabrika Records

It’s 10 000 times more easy to enjoy the music of M!R!M rather than describe it. I’ll try to do my best to describe the sound of their early works; and I can say that it is a fascinating combination of experimental Post Punk, a dark acid trip, and traces of Dark Punk, Minimal- Wave, Electronic, and even some pitch Death Rock. When I heard the music of M!R!M for the first time, it was an awesome experience. And you can appreciate an unquestionable evolution in this first album released by Fabrika Recors. After releasing two E.P.s and one single, finally we have the debut album from this very interesting and visionary solo project.

Jubile” has predating-dark mood and is like a somber vortex spinning frenetically, and those whispered vocals are giving this gloomy effect to the song. This is really a good opener. “Seeking Love” is dark, intoxicating, and really exciting. “Dead Inside” has pounding and dominating bass lines accompanied with ghostly voices, and this ethereal guitar sound which is like some distant lament. “Never Trust” is pretty obscure, involving and catchy; everything seems so black here. “Liebe Machen” is a perfect balance between dense atmosphere, and driving rhythm. Time for Dark electronics with “Sodoma” a very relevant track featuring Nathalie Bruno of Phosphor. They have described this song as Noire Wave, and I like that definition; great instrumental track.”Homesick” is nostalgic and evocative, and the vocals are like a distant memory calling from the distance. Noire Wave sound is back in “Lizzards” (featuring again the collaboration of Nathalie Bruno), this track has mesmerizing atmosphere. “Acid Dreams” has noisy erratic guitar effects and the song is constructed around catchy-driving bass lines; it’s hallucinating. And finally “Embraced forever” is a beautiful, sad, and quite dark tune.

As I said before there is a definitive evolution in the music of M!R!M. This is a very consistent album; it has a feel of a homogeneous work, and at the same time it has very good twists, and variations in all of the ten tracks featured in it. Congratulations to M!R!M for this release, it has great Dark Music with vision.

Daniel Olvera