Monday, November 4, 2013

Virgo - Black Love by Krister Orre | Made in Finland

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Virgo / Krister Orre / is a band and a project that combines acustic new romance music and /synthpopwith some dark tunes and unique voice of Krister Orre.The result is music with an exeptionally broad range of expression . Virgo / Krister Orre project contains several of the Finlands most talented musicians and producers who works behind Krister.The projects dynamic idea is to combine different elements and ideas for the benefit of songs and the vocals.LIVE acts centre around Kristers person.The band concept is a constantly evolving thing,with the substance relaying on the lead-figures charisma and voice.Krister Orre´s live gigs are considered,mesmerising,hypnotic and something of legend every time he performes. Virgo / Krister Orre is aiming to bridge the gap between the land scape of contemporary electronic music and the best values of the traditional music, and thus could hold massive cross over potential.

Composer and Lyrics Krister Orre , Song : Krister Orre , Guitar arrangement Eka Wekara on guitar , Eka Wekara , Arrangement and all rest instruments Kimmo "Acid King " Oksanen. Originally composed 1988 April , Year of the Dragon. Re arranged By "Acid King " Oksanen 2005.