Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Neu Zaum with Hanna Marsh - Albion | (Official Video) 2013

Pete Europa, Vocals, Lyrics
Anti Lautala, Guitars
Jukka Laine, Drums
Juha Juntunen, Bass
Risto Juntunen, Keyboards - Sound and Vision

The Band was formed in 2011 when guitarist of the ex–Goth band, Varjo (Shadow), Antti Lautala who already had formed a new band called Silent Scream met Pete Europa, who is a singer/songwriter of a former 80´ s underground band The PinUps. Both bands Varjo and the PinUps have a kind of cult status in Finnish music scene.

Another member of Silent Scream, the drummer Jukka Laine joined also the Neu Zaum. When the bass player, Juha Juntunen from the band Flat Field with his keyboard player brother, Risto Juntunen joined also the Neu Zaum the band had its basic elements together. All the members of the band are visionary and strong personalities.

Deep and powerful. almost visual music that has its roots in the beginning of 1980´s post punk and darker indie music as well as European art; romanticism, dada, expressionism and constructivism. The underlying sentiment is post industrial gothic.

Main influence and only clear influence is the Bowie/ Iggy Berlin period of 1976 - 1977 and the Albums of Low, Heroes and The Idiot. Our vision was to start from where it all "ended" - to find the same spirit of deep emotions, European soul in the midst of the modern man´s spiritual chaos and concrete walls. Other influences are more subconcious.