Tuesday, August 20, 2013

INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ - Occvlt Machine (2013)

Occvlt Machine
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This mysterious entity comes with a mesmerizing imagery, which is plethoric of eroticism and occvlt; and this captivates to your sight immediately. When the music sounds, it will be irresistible: You will be submerged in the darkest ether with those atmospheres, and the bewitching instrumental tunes. Eros and Thanatos are approaching at you with a dark and inescapable fascination. In Death It Ends is a pioneering act in the most experimental front of the dark(est) music of today. It is a fascinating combination of Drone, different styles of alternative-electronic music, and it has an experimental approach to the Post Punk sound. This unique mixture has been described as:  ▲ p r o g r e s s i v e o c c u l t g h o s t w a v e ▲

This Project has been very active since the beginning, creating music and also doing remixes for artists like Noi Kabat, or The Devil And The Universe. In Death It Ends brings to the present time that witchcraft imagery from the 70’s Occvlt Rock, and put this concept in a radically different musical context, using the darkest vanguard sounds from The New Millennium.”Occvlt Machine” is the first full length album of this project, and it has nineteen instrumental songs. This album goes from hypnotic melodies to dark ambient sounds; it has stunning atmospheric passages and bewitching rhythms. This record is a very unique experience, and it has been a very expected release. Definitely, In Death It Ends is a very important reference name in the underground scene of today, and this record will be a classic in the near future. After listening to the music of In Death It Ends you will want more: You will be an initiated of this mesmerizing sound, immersed in those captivating and dark soundscapes. This is a very fascinating visual- musical concept; and it is brought to you by Porl King’s creative vision of The New Dark Age. Experience yourself the sounds, the moods and the atmosphere… 
Let the mystery and the ritual begin!

Daniel Olvera