Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden of Delight - Paradise | Rediscovered (2013)

Garden of Delight
Paradise  | Rediscovered
Solar Lodge 
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As you know, Rediscovered means the new vision of a classic work by the same creative soul, these albums have been rebuilt with new life and renewed strength. This time Artaud Seth returns to “Paradise” which was originally released in 1997. This is a pretty well balanced album with straight forward- Rock oriented Gothic music, combined with quite deep songs which represents the esoteric side of the Garden of Delight.  We have here tracks whit an undeniable flavor of the Gothic Rock from the 80’s. By the other hand, we have the more immerse and introspective tracks: These songs are pretty deep and atmospheric, evoking some spiritual quest for revelation.  One of the strengths of Artaud Seth as an artist; is the fact that he can bring you the most distinctive features of Gothic Rock music in their songs, and they have the classic Goth-Rock vibe which is 100% tradition and it goes beyond time itself. This rediscovered album has been remade, and the voice of Artaud is quite dominant, it has lots of strength and passion. The Rock-oriented songs sound really powerful with a crystal-clear sound, and they are perfectly balanced. The deeper songs are captivating and pretty immerse. Both of the execution, and the recording-mixing process in this album, can be described as work of the finest quality. 

After some brief intro, “Spirit lovers” breaks through: This is an undeniable classic song of Garden Of Delight, and it is back with a stunning sound; wonderful energy in this one. “Procession” sounds simply enormous with this combination of acoustic, and electric guitars: Gothic Rock at its finest! “Exodus” adds more melody and a good dose of emotion to this electrifying side of the music from G.O.D., this one sounds really epic. ”Paradise will be there” is almost ethereal with that piano at the beginning, and some moments later it bursts with passion and intensity. “Open the gates of universe” is trance inducing at the beginning, and it goes in crescendo leading to a climatic Gothic Rock sound with flaming guitars. “Scheoul III” is a mid-tempo track; it has aplomb and is quite surrounding. The rhythm here will make you think in some non-stop Goth-Rock machinery. “Stranger” is like the opposite of the previous track, because it displays such a fine acoustic sound, and it is a very melodic and introspective song. The final track is “The circle will be closed forever” which is very emotive, and it has a stunning arrangement with dominant acoustic guitars and piano.
This rediscovered version of “Paradise” by The Garden of Delight sounds majestic. Best quality album here. It is highly recommended for those who weren't there in 1997, and for hardcore fans. Don’t miss it!

Daniel Olvera