Monday, February 11, 2013

Déesse - Déesse EP (2011)

Déesse EP

Some weeks ago This Is Gothic Rock published the review of ; the new Cd of Déesse, which is quite interesting. And now, let’s talk about the previous release from this good and refreshing band from Zurich, Switzerland. This E.P. from 2011 is a really good piece of Darkwave-Alternative Rock; it has mid-tempo songs with density, and they are full of feeling, emotion and great quality in terms of musical execution and production. 

We can appreciate that the band is really well coupled and mature (in terms of their sound), and that they have a very well defined creative and musical direction. They are really good musicians and song writers. This record feels very intimate and is quite melodic; it’s an exquisite musical experience. The E.P. begins with the nostalgic and somehow melancholic “Garlands”. This track shows us his caliber as musicians. It is well constructed and traps us, even if it is a slow track. “Melancholic City Map” has great vitality, and elegance; and the end of the song is really climatic and intense. In “All my names”, they return to the introspection. This track has some melancholic feel, it’s very melodic and the band feels really inspired; here is a truly a beautiful song.”Shapes of an incapable Orpheus” is slow, dark, and seductively surrounding.

I must say that I love the guitar sound in all of this record; it’s really rich and enjoyable. In fact, the work of the entire band is remarkable: really good execution and dedication can be appreciated in this debut E.P. “Under” begins with a smooth and delicious rhythm. Very pleasant and rhythmical track and it’s really fantastic. This is the final song of this E.P. and you will say: “¡WTF! I want more! !” This is really high quality stuff, a well-balanced record with an impeccable production. Once you listen to this one, you will want to have it in your music collection. Don’t miss this band; as I said before: Déesse are very talented and promising, and they have their own style. It will be great if they can release a full-length album in this 2013.