Monday, February 11, 2013

Settore Giada - Per Elisa (2011)

Settore Giada
Per Elisa
Seahorse Records 

Settore Giada has a very unique proposal in this self-produced record. In their facebook page and the press kit, their sound is described as: “Minimal upstream Pop and Post Punk”. I can say that it is like a mixture of the finest Italian Post Punk from the 80’s; (in the tradition of Chrisma, CCCP, or Diaframma), the Dream Pop style, Alternative Rock, and Experimental Minimal music (Not Minimal-Wave, don’t get confused). This is one of those records that have to be listened with open mind; you will find here really good and very enjoyable musical surprises. This album goes from dreamlike and relaxing beautiful songs (“Angelo”, “Distant places”, and  “Candy”), to very melodic mid tempo songs (“Martire”, ”Animanera”). There is energetic Post Punk (“Ochi”), and you will find here interesting alternative songs (“Per Elisa”, “Distant places”), and there are some very experimental and atmospheric sounds too. 

This is a band with a personality all its own. They are based in Zurich, Switzerland and they are: The multi-instrumentalist Ali Salvioni (Vocals, bass, Fx, organotronic pedal), Alan Bagge (Drums, backing vocals), and Fiona Zolg (lights and Fx). This is an interesting debut album. There is a really good video clip of the melodic and quite fascinating song: “Angel”, on Youtube. You can find good potential here; it will be good to see how they will be developing their musical style with the upcoming releases. They are like modern-day bohemians with a total free spirit when creating music, and they are not tied to some predetermined formula, or just a single musical genre. They are very adventurous artists and musicians. This is (not exactly) Gothic Rock, but you will find here really good and interesting things. If you enjoy alternative sounds and want to expand your musical taste; this one is for you