Sunday, July 15, 2012

Salvation AMP debut album in September

Ok guys here is some great news: In a few days the last recording sessions for our first album will be done. So I thought it would be time to give some information. HIDDEN FACES will be the title of the album and will be released on September the 21st 2012, which we will celebrate on our Album-Release-Concert at Burg Sternberg that day.

Due to the fact that we are an independent band HIDDEN FACES will be available as a full free download on our soundcloud appearance. As soon as possible after the 21st of September HIDDEN FACES will also be out as a limited edition on CD available at our live shows and by direct sales. The CD will contain some bonus tracks that won´t be available elsewhere. And at last HIDDEN FACES will be out as a strictly limited edition on cassette tape in sweet remembrance on our first steps in music.


For more info: Salvation AMP