Sunday, July 15, 2012

...And the winner of the contest is:

Mr. Daniel Olvera from Mexico - D.F, you wrote the best article about the transition from second wave to the third wave. The Parcel is yours my friend and don´t forget this article will be published in the book.

AFMUSIC sampler – Join the Dark Side, We Have the Music (CD)
Angels of Liberty – Monster in Me Ep | 156 of 666 / handnumbered (CD)
Angels of Liberty – signed picture
Arts of Erebus – Icon In My Eyes (CD)
Arts of Erebus – 3 stickers
Christine Plays Viola – Innocent Awareness (CD)
Come With Reverse – Come With Reverse (CD)
Cromosoma 3 – Cromosoma 3 EP | 55 of 100 / handnumbered (CD)
Das Ich – Cabaret (CD)
Godless Procession – Godless Procession (LP)
Hyena Motorcade – Promo Single (CD) + sticker
Kalt – Der Sturm (CD)
Lestat – Arisen (CD)
Monica Richards – Infrawarrior – The Strange Familiar (CD)
Place4tears – The Silent Flame (CD)
Reactive Black – A New Dawn... (CD)
Reactive Black – Upcoming Evil (CD)
Reactive Black – 3 Stickers + 2 pins + signed picture
Salvation AMP – demo (CD)
Snakedance - Card
The Beauty of Gemina – At the End of the Sea (CD)
The Beautiful Dead – Moonlight & Hollywood (signed CD)
The Home of the Hitman – 1 sticker
The Spiritual Bat – 2 stickers
Vic Anselmo – In My Fragile (DIGI)