Sunday, May 25, 2014

Into The Mist

Formed in: 2013
Location: Rome, Italy
SaintAngel (bass/synth/programming)
MassAnder (vocals)
LilAngel (guitars)

MassAnder, SaintAngel and LilAngel have taken part in several gothrock projects since eighties, in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

In the years they changed name or elements, but they never changed themselves and their way to concept music. The dark and gloomy atmospheres of the end of the century have never died, indeed, they kept their restless darkness, enriching it with new sounds. Old and new, obscure melancholy and new moods that time creates, can be blended together in a style where goth remains the first and other sounds surround it in a frame of shadows. In march 2013, on the ashes of Italian goth bands, Into the Mist was born and the new CD "Into The Mist" is released in october 2013. Apparently depressive and shadowed, the work reveals a proud and solemn style, also fierce and powerful, at time. All the tracks describe the path from the deep emptiness to the intense glares of the Cross and Angels, passing through unknown dimensions infused with ethereal fog. Every song has its own style, unique and characteristic, reduced to a single creative vein that is deeply rooted in the musical culture of the 80s, however goes out in atmospheres and nuances always different. The same intimate prayer is softly whispered in the dark nights, as again it is raised to the sky like desperate chorus of a thousand lost souls.

The unstoppable race toward the truth and the light becomes the flight of a butterfly in a glass case with no way out. The deity is a mother or a lover, the end or hope, anyway desired, however invoked. Three dark figures walk in the distance, where the sun is pale and the woods have hands like claws. Massander, SaintAngel and Lilangel are the voice and the instruments of the suffering and the light. Rarely such an union can produce such this result. Listen for believing.

Into The Mist - Into The Mist (2013)