Thursday, February 13, 2014

Theodor Bastard - Oikoumene (2013)

Theodor Bastard
Danse Macabre

Theodor Bastard is a very talented ensemble from Russia, they define their music as a mixture of World Music, Trip Hop, and Dark Wave; and this is a pretty accurate definition. They are a very interesting entity in the underground music scene of The New Millennium. The most relevant point of reference as an influence of the Dark music in their style is Dead Can Dance: Specifically in the album “Spiritchaser”; which has such a kaleidoscopic array of tribal and ethnic sounds. They are very well established in the music scene of today; different record labels, magazines and promoters around the world have been interested in these very talented artists. They are: Fedor Svolotch (guitar, keyboard, programming), Yana Veva ( vocal, flutes), Kusas – (percussion), Monthy (keyboard), Paul (drums, percussion)

Takaya Mijia” is the opener, and they have made a video clip which captures the exoticism and sensuality of this song. Pretty seductive song with lots of oriental influences, those Arabic and Indian sounds are together with that bewitching vocal performance, and you will be captured by this cadenced melody. “Farias” is a mixture of oriental sound, and trip hop with a dark touch. “Gerda” has dark guitar sound, mixed with tribal chords. At the end this song has lots of intensity, and has Ethereal -Wave sound. “Benga” is a really sophisticated musical construction; they have made a pretty fine World Music piece. This song will make you travel to the jungle, creating images in your mind. “Sagrabat” has a pretty unique dark ambient, created with ethnic sounds. “Oikoumene” has some kind of gloomy feeling at the beginning, and later this song evolves in a colorful display of tribal music. “Tapachula” is executed with majesty; this song has passion and is finely crafted, is some of the best World Music that you can find. “Intifada” goes from Trip Hop rhythm at the beginning, to some strong and dramatic Ethereal- Dark Wave sound, and it is another pretty relevant track. “Clean Kron” is so dark and has a very rich and hypnotic sound; is gloomy and seductive at the same time, with those sublime choruses. “Sol De Morte” is a pretty cinematic track. “Anubis” has oriental atmosphere, and Dark Wave music executed with intensity. Track after track, this album seems to be better and better. And the final track is “Benga” made by Fun-Da-Mental, with a very unique sound.

This is an awesome record if you want to expand your musical horizon; “Oikoumene” has some moments in which they have created a very personal conception of the dark music. And the musical performance and the production in this record are flawless. With this album they have created a musical experience which is charming, exotic and entrancing.

Daniel Olvera