Monday, January 20, 2014

The Eternal Fall – As The Time Goes (2013)

The Eternal Fall 
As the time goes

One of the most prolific acts of the third wave, The Eternal Fall is active since 2000 and has already released 9 LPs and one “Best of” compilation. The quality of the music and the charismatic personality of Sol (the head of the one-man project) has granted The Eternal Fall success and recognition. For this new release, The Eternal Fall has proved being daring by delivering a very ambitious project, in the form of a movie illustrating the 13 tracks on the album. Now you can see the result on the DVD that comes together with the CD, and it is really an amazing work. The quality of production, filming and special effects are remarkable. Regarding the content, it matches perfectly the album’s twisted, desperate mood. A rather disturbing movie for an album with a real entity. In Hell” is a neoclassical, spooky intro. “The Beginning of the end” and “The Other Side” are uncluttered, and Sol’s voice, genuinely pushed to the limit, overflows emotions: deeply moving. The Eternal Fall remains loyal to its Dark Wave / Gothic Rock sound, and this time is digging even deeper into darkness and despair than before, as shows in the very atmospheric track “Inside of me”, a really spine-chilling song. “First Pain” and “These Voices” are very classy Dark Wave hits. “The Alchemist” has a cool Goth Rock guitar riff, and the dramatic vocals are better than ever. “Punishment” delights and scares with its split personality conversation: one of the most interesting songs of the album. On the softer side, impossible to resist the cold beauty of “Empty World”.

As the time goes” explore different atmospheres and works as a very consistent album, with a true idea behind it. The movie definitely strengthens this feeling. A real audiovisual experience, highly recommended.

Guillaume Renard