Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Devil & The Universe - Imprint Daath (2013)

The Devil & The Universe
Imprint Daath
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This is a New Dark Age, and is a very exciting time in terms of the development of the underground scene. We have some incredible bands which are recreating the sounds of the last decades with majesty, while being faithful and loyal to the essence of the music style that they have embraced. By the other hand there’s some adventurous spirits which are doing mind striking combinations of sounds, creating something exciting and refreshing with unique charm. The Devil & The Universe definitely belongs to the second front. They're channeling all of this movement and creative energy, doing a rich mixture of sounds which is entrancing and exotic. And it is brought to you by David Pfister from the eerie and dark Ghost-Wave act: Black Manna (They have released their debut album “Radio Manna” in these days, check it out) and Ashley Dayour, from the visionary Gothic Rock outfit: Whispers In The Shadow. Have to say that The Devil & The Universe, is another tale regarding to the respective musical projects of these two artists. “Imprint Daath” is a definitive progression; they have added even more elements to the mix. This project has made such a multidimensional musical creation: This is strongly cinematic: To describe this side of their music, we can make some back track to the 70’s; with such impressive artists like Popol Vuh , Art Zoyd or Claudio Simonetti. We have Dark Ambient soundscapes mixed with Ghost Wave, Drone, Ethnic and Tribal elements, and even we have stunning moments with lots of rhythm. That’s why I’m talking about the exotic (and fascinating) experience which is The Devil And The Universe. And everything is covered under the mantle of the Occvlt…

“NOD”  has hypnotic vibe which turns into a dramatic and emotive tune.“Kruzefix” will take you to another place, creating in your mind images of something ancient and majestic. “Procession” is slow-tempo and pretty immersive, the rhythm will make you think in the 70’s combined with obscure atmospheres. “The pilgrims Regress” takes you to Ghost Wave grounds, with this unique mixture of electronic sound and atmospheric nuances. “Parvati’s Lament” is hallucinogenic; it winds beneath the intoxicating and mysterious fog, with this ancient and tribal music spell. “Ibliss” is another kind of trance with ethnic echoes, and bewitching rhythm made with tribal percussions; this one will make you move! “Gamaliel” is total Dark Ambient and quite atmospheric. “Sithra Ahra”, explores the Dark Ambient sound with strong dramatic feel and is impressive. And finally, these two entities will fade into the lost forest with the mysterious sound of “Nemoralis”. 

The Devil &The Universe has came with inventive sounds, and a unique perspective of dark Music. They are creating their own musical style, and I like this. Don’t miss this experience. Come to the forest again; maybe you will see two Goaths with black robes emerging from the fog. They are inviting you to the Ritual….Kiss The Goath.

Daniel Olvera