Saturday, September 28, 2013

Avant Garde - Antitesi (2013)

Avant Garde
Manic Depression Records 
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Avant Garde is a veteran band from Italy, their experience and talent are displayed in this new work called “Antitesi”, because they have done an album that has a kaleidoscopic vision of true Dark Music. This album has a dominant Dark Post Punk sound, it is spiced with Gothic Rock, some Cold Wave chords which are giving a touch of elegance to their sound, and of course: 80’s Dark Wave. This band has created their own brand of Dark Music and it is executed with sheer majesty. I could describe their style as an amalgam made with the sounds of an early The Cure, And Also The Trees, the very early Other Voices, Corpus Delicti (“Twilight” era), and Bauhaus (“Mask”) In my personal experience, this album was an instant crush. If you love those dark atmospheres of the bands mentioned above, you will be bewitched with the music of Avant Garde.

“Dove Solo Tu Vorrai” literally emerges from calm waters, and suddenly it strikes you with raw passion: It is kind of a Death Rock mood in the verse, combined with stunning guitar interludes; it goes from calm to storming moments. “Disincanto” is really fine Gothic Rock- Post Punk, it made me think a little bit in Murnau’s Playhouse. It’s such a well crafted song, a brilliant mixture of darkness and elegance, love it. Straight –forward Dark Gothic sound is displayed in “Epoque”. It has fast rhythm, strong drums, deep bass lines, some frenetic guitar transitions, and the voice is in the center of this vertiginous vortex; is really electrifying. “I Due Laberinti” add some female voice to the hypnotic sound, this song is very cadenced with this seductive melody.  When listening to the first 30 seconds of “Nubi Alrove”, I thought that Siouxie Sioux will be in charge of the vocals! Definitely this song has influence of the early 80’s Banshees, and this is really good.”Livido Vore” has this doomy waltzed rhythm, and delirious mood; interesting track. “Il Buio Su Roma” is a top 80’s Dark Wave- Post Punk song; it combines elegance and dramatic passages in a superb way.”Antitesi” is a very interesting and catchy instrumental tune. And finally we have some well made remixed versions of “Livido Livore” and “Antitesi”

Avant Garde have created a really good album: “Antitesi” has passion, obscure intensity, and awesome-unique Dark music. This album does not give you a break, with lots of stunning songs and captivating soundscapes. 
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Daniel Olvera