Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Spitirual Bat - Live 02-02-13 | CPA Fi Sud (2013)

The Spitirual Bat 
Live 02-02-13
Swiss Dark Nights
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This really a very interesting collective from Swiss Dark Nights, another one of their series of official bootlegs (official because they has the approval of the band) Have to say that it has the high quality of sound and live-performance, which is a trademark of this underground record label. This time we have here to the Italian masters of Gothic-Death Rock: The Spiritual Bat; they are definitely a new classic, and the quality is assured. And this is a must have for their fans, and a great way to introduce to new comers in their sound; because it features many of their classic songs, and some of their finest tunes from their newest records. The live performance of the band is quite remarkable, great execution here. This record has the magic of bootlegs, in terms of creating the illusion of being in a live show; and it comes with a great track selection:

1) Once Upon A Time
2) Silver Lakes
3) Cruel Machine
4) Thunderstorm
5) Acequoreo
6) Wish Power
7) Chance
8) Lament For The Poisoned Mother
9) Crucifixion
10) Sacrament
11) Waltz

Great music and wonderful sound quality, don’t miss this one because is a very limited press.

Daniel Olvera