Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorry, Heels - Wasted EP (2013)

Sorry, Heels
Wasted  (EP)
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This is a new four piece band from Italy, and it features two ex-members from Chants Of Maldoror (they were a really remarkable band from this New Millennium) And their sound is very different from that Gothic - Death Rock act. Sorry, Heels is a total new story; their sound is a mixture of Post Punk, Shoe gaze, and it has some influence from the 90’s alternative music. It is a very interesting combination, and definitely they have their own charm. They are writing a new page and this debut EP is really fresh and enjoyable. They mention to bands like: Joy Division, Wire, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Cult, Killing Joke, Portishead, The Stooges, etc. I Have to say that this is pretty congruent with the musical style displayed in this debut release. This EP called “Waste” can be described with one word: Catchy.

“Sweet Upon My Sorrow” has deep bass lines, and sensual female voice. It goes from captivating passages in the verse, to passion moments in the chorus; the guitar has a Post Punk sound, and the drumming fits very well to the transitions.”A Kiss A Lie” has a very energizing and radiant melody, very into 90’s alternative sound, with a clear influence from Sonic Youth.”Always Wrong” is finely constructed, with a rhythm that makes you move, and the melody is vibrating. The bass lines are conducting all of the transitions here; creating a very interesting (and irresistible) sound. 90’s Alternative sound and Post Punk are loud and clear in “Circling In A Standar Point” the distorted guitars in the background, are this “Sonic Youth touch” to their sound here; and the transitions will blend you with that radiant music, and the positive vibe.

Definitely you will have a great time while listening to this debut release. You can name their sound whatever you want: Alternative-Post Punk, Dark Pop- Post Punk,  etc… At the end of the day, they are very versatile as artists due to the wide range of influences in their music. And they have found a great way to combine those sounds. Check this one, is really good stuff.

Daniel Olvera