Thursday, July 11, 2013

Various Artists - Doux Decline - Compilation (2013)

Various Artists
Doux Decline
Paranoiac Activity 

This is dark, very dark indeed….and I like it so much!

We have here a very interesting and intriguing compilation done by the underground label Paranoiac Activity. It’s a stunning combination of bands from yesterday and today, and this release has their own heart and soul, is very underground and with DIY spirit. It comes contained in a retro and iconic format: it is a tape. Great nostalgic spirit, pretty fascinating Dark Music, honesty, and conviction…I like that. This release has talented bands and artists from too many different countries: Veil Of Light from Switzerland, De Brassers (Belgium), Congress de Vienne (France), Dulac (France), Memories D’automne (France), Mad Masks (France), Orchidee Noire (France), .Y. (Spain), Ritual Howls (USA), The David (France), Kreativ In Den Boden (Italy), A Sordid Poppy (France), and Vita Noctis (Canada). And it goes from the darkest depths of Underground Post Punk to Minimal Wave and Cold Wave sounds: crying guitars, deep and gloomy bass lines, combined with melancholic, (and sometimes cold) shynthetized chords. Pure atmosphere and lost romance here.

De Brassers will immerse you in some obscure and introspective trance, with moments of raging intensity.” Furie Noire” by Mad Masks is a gloomy procession in the darkest night of the soul. Memories D’automne draws a beautiful and romantic landscape; very captivating. Vita Noctis comes with the fascinating sonic spell called: “These lies”. Orchidee Noire displays shynthetized harmonies, with a warm and deep sound that embraces you. Minimalistic and deeply introspective is “Cathy” by the David; is like a ballad for the lost. The awesome Veil Of Light comes with a real hypnotic trip called “Mirrors to walls”, nuff said! Kreativ In den Boden has this minimal wave sound which has lots of intensity, and melancholic feel. This is a beautiful song. Congress De Vienne is a very underground cold wave act from the early 90’s,”amnessie”is totally reflective and nostalgic. Les Morts Vont Bien comes with the chords of doom, with this self-titled song; simply impressive. .Y. executes some gloomy Minimal Wave sound with majesty; very touching song here. Ritual Howls is a stunning band, their track called “Year of fear” is entrancing; it is a mixture of Goth, PostPunk and Cold Wave. Dulac is a one-man project which combines dark Post Punk, and electronic sounds, in such a great way. His track is called “Resilence”. And finally we have “la Chambre” by A Sordid Poppy, very underground Goth Post Punk sound here.

Impressive compilation, this is real dark underground sound. This one is in the vein of classic cult releases like “La’pelle de la Muse”. It has too many great things to offer, and you will find wonderful bands from the past, and the present. Only 100 copies were made…be quick! 

Daniel Olvera