Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silent Scream | Murnau´s Playhouse - Bones From the Backyard * Split Album (2013)

Bones From the Backyard - Split

Honestly, I have to say that we are very pleased, and excited about this first release of Gothic Music Records . We have started with this adventure; and we have invited to some of the best underground bands. This first release features two bands from Finland, and they are very well known by our readers, and by the people who follow Oskar’s radio shows. They are Silent Scream, with their exciting Dark-Gothic Post Punk; and the fine sound of Gothic Rock developed by Murnau’s Playhouse. We have reviewed the previous releases of both bands, and you have listened to their songs, so you can expect some really good music in this interesting release. This split album have ten songs (five tracks per band) and it is new stuff, from these really talented bands from Finland.

In the “Side A” we have the exciting and electrifying music from Silent Scream. Their sound is more mature, and they come with a new turn in each release. Have to say that this stuff is darker, in comparison with the raw-high voltage sound, of the previous album (“Public Execution”) I strongly recommend this band to people who like Dark Punk acts like: Lost Tribe, Cemetery or Horror Vacui. “Man of Fire” lurks in the shadows of Dark Punk music, and will capture you with its powerful and contagious rhythm, pounding bass lines, and the leading guitars. This is Dark Punk of the new millennium at its finest.”With friends like this” is faster with an aggressive edge, and catchy chorus. The voice fits quite well in this mix, it has the adequate tone and intensity for this kind of music.”Private Execution” is some kind of outro; and is the gloomy score music for the deathrow, everything seems black here. Next, we have a live version of “Skull Face Child” featured in “Public Execution”. Total Old-School , somber and kinda frenetic. “I Remember Nothing” is another live track, a pretty good cover version of the cult-classic by Joy Division. 

And Now: “Side B” by Murnau’s Playhouse. They are doing here a very unique interpretation of Gothic Rock, this band is very interesting and has a personality of their own. They are evolving, their sound is exquisite, and the songs are pretty well constructed. ”Someday” is Classic Gothic Rock, and is quite refreshing at the same time. The song is very melodic, it has emotion and intensity. “Embrace” is contemplative, with some nostalgic feel and is very melodic too.”Myopia” rise the level of intensity with faster rhythm, this song is some pretty fine traditional Gothic Rock. “Rivets In the Sky” has a resemblance with 80’s fine Post Punk sound; the song is beautiful and it has radiant melody. “Ashen Passion” is a climatic conclusion for this release: The rhythm is turbulent, it has some felling of some repressed bitter-fury which is about to explode. The band is doing some really refined gothic Rock with passion. This release has two very interesting bands from the underground scene of today and is a really good way to know about the music of these talented artists. The combination of both musical styles and creative visions is very attractive indeed. Check this one; and let the music speak for itself. ¡STAY TUNED!

Daniel Olvera