Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Passion Play - The Final Act (2012)

Passion Play 
The Final Act
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The long announced farewell of Passion Play occurred in the most recent WGT. And this release is the final stage in the discography of Passion Play. This anthology has a great track selection; and all of the songs in this record, were re-recorded and re-interpreted by Passion Play. And have to say that this is a very special record: It is emotive, is really impressive, and very special because is the closure of the cycle of this experienced and talented band. This band was formed in 1994 in Oxford , UK. They have three previous official releases: The EP “Name No Names” (1988), “Stress Fractures” (1999), and “Dreaming Spikes” (2001) Their sound could be described as some fine and elegant mixture of Goth, Post Punk, Dark Wave, and some pitch of Alternative Rock. This is music of high level. And this collection of their classic songs plus five unreleased tracks; is a total delight from the beginning to the end. This album was released in 2012 by Aufnahme + Wiedergabe. “Saints” is Gothic –Dark Wave of excellence with wonderful melody, and it is brilliantly executed. During the choruses, it is simply sublime. Great start for this album. The beginning of ”Name no names” will make you think in the Alternative sound of the 90’s, because of the bass riff and the guitar. This song has a very unique sound, and lots of charm.”Drift” goes in crescendo, the song has a start point in which everything is calm, it rises with intensity, and finally it vanishes. It is like a moderate storm. And then: “Sight for sore eyes” explodes with lots of energy at the beginning; it is a double-edged and amazing Gothic Rock song. It’s double edged because it has energy, and elegance. They created such a perfectly balanced track.”Falling upwards” has fast rhythm and is energetic in the verse, some moments later it has a wonderful transition with those melodic choruses. “The lesser one” could be described as some amazing piece of Dark-Alternative Rock. This one has amazing rhythm, and it will make you move and sing; this song is really contagious.”Down to you” is another cool song with awesome rhythm; it is Gothic Dark Wave at its finest, and is really dynamic.”Get what you ask for” sets the intensity marker to the top, with this vertiginous beginning, and it has fascinating transitions; brilliant song! “Feel fire” is the first of the unreleased tracks, and is pretty catchy and has great guitar work. In”Stop me” the fluent rhythm and those driving bass lines are the core of the song. It is like a continuous movement and everything in this song is constructed around this, this song has great cadence, and it wraps you up. A very fine Dark Wave sound, is the distinctive touch in “As above, so below”. A pretty solid track, it expresses some introspective and nostalgic feeling. “While you were sleeping” is warm and emotive, It is a pretty melodic track.”Bullet” is more oriented to the Post Punk style, and it has a good dose of energy and is a guitar-driven song. Don’t miss this “Final Act”, it is a limited edition. Passion Play is defined by their passion and inspiration when creating and playing their music, and this album is a very emotive and unforgettable conclusion. Awesome band!

Daniel Olvera