Friday, May 17, 2013

Vandel - Existence - EP (2013)


Definitely, Vandel has the essence of underground Dark-Post Punk from the 80’s; taking inspiration in such classics as The Cure, Joy Division, and The Sound. They have a natural talent, and spontaneity when doing this fascinating dark music. Somehow they have done some very well-balanced mixture between the dark 80’s and Gothic Rock; and I say this because of their dynamic rhythms and fluent melodies. The production work is simple because this is a demo; and sounds really honest. Vandel is a band with great talent and potential. This debut release has music of great quality; and because of this, Vandel is such a good revelation. This is a young band, actually is a trio from the Netherlands; they are: Marco van Delden (vocals, shynt,guitar), Rob van Delden (bass, synth), and Arnold van Delden (drums). They started as a band in 2008, after some time working on their songs, they have decided to record this Demo CD; it was released on march in this year (2013)

Since the first track; “Eyes wide shut” we can appreciate their undeniable quality, this has lots of style, amazing musicality, great rhythm, and a very well defined style. “Denial” rises with edgy rhythm, and the keyboards really sound great in this one.”The answer” is back to the guitar oriented sound, and the bass lines sounds really loud and clear displaying a good dose of melody, the rhythm has good strength. ”Far away” is like a mixture between the minimalistic drum-machine rhythm of “Pornography”, combined with the sublime sound of guitars and keyboards in “Disintegration”, by The Cure. The song is pretty relaxing and pleasant to listen. “Look at your life” take us back to the dark Post Punk sound in such a great way; the rhythm is just awesome, very catchy song indeed. “Existence” is very atmospheric with those surrounding keyboards, their melody made me think about some ultra-slow “I wanna be your dog” by Iggy and the Stooges; but later the song develops in their own way, and it is a very introspective conclusion for this release.

Very interesting and really promising band; they have their own charm, and their own way to fascinate to their listeners with their really Dark Post Punk. I want to hear more songs from Vandel. They have vision, style and great potential.

Daniel Olvera