Monday, May 20, 2013

Mato - Debut (2013)


The meaning of Mato is “Me and the others” .And this applies very well to this project because this album is a collaborative work, and is pretty interesting because it has a very wide range of sounds and styles of Dark Music. This is such a good surprise indeed; Mato combines in such a great way the finest sounds of Gothic Rock, Dark wave, and experimental-alternative music. This fusion is very consistent and is very well done. The master mind behind this project is Mark Mato Skah, he is a very experienced musician and song writer from Germany. What I like the most about Mato, is his adventurous spirit as an artist, and musician when creating his music. This allows him to reach new forms of Dark Music, as a result of really interesting combinations of music styles. And he has a good basis to do this; because his songs are really quite good stuff. Add to this the collaboration of talented musicians from Europe and the USA; contributing with their own ideas and skills, and the result is this very interesting proposal which sometimes reaches the limits of the experimental music. Spotlight on this one.

“Me and the others” is a really fine combination of Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, and the sound of 80’s Rock. This one has female vocals, provided by Jensara Swan. The song has great quality, if you like The Eden House, you will love this track. “More than rest” is an awesome and lively-energetic, Dark Wave- Gothic Rock song; this track has the talent of Jeff Diehm of The Last Dance, on the vocals. It has great balance between radiant energy, passion and some quite refined sound. The production work is remarkable. Bret Helm of that really good Post Punk band called Audra; provides the vocals in “We got to learn”, this is a very introspective and intimate track with sheer sightlines. “Invisible dream” (featuring Michelle Joyce) is some quite relaxing Dark Wave track, which is quite refined and very detailed. “Going blind” has the contribution of Mikael Korner of Funhouse, and… this is Gothic Rock, of course! This is a good mix of elegant sound and intensity; top track!”Revival” has the vocals of Carmen Espenaes from Midnatsol, and this track is Gothic –Dark Wave, at its finest. This song displays passion and lots of emotion. “Faces we lost” features Mario Poor; he is the singer of a very interesting band of The New Millennium: The Last Days Of Jesus. You will find here something that is one of a kind stuff, another very introspective song with lots of passion; especially during the chorus. “Untitled” (featuring Ell) is quite unique; it goes from Ethereal sound, to atmospheric dark Ambient, and some tribal rhythms. This track made think in Soppor Aeternus. “This is the new silence” (featuring Bats And The Bear) it’s maybe the most experimental track; like some mixture between Progressive and Dark wave.”Celebrate” is pure dark atmosphere, a Dark ambient track which uses the lyrics of the classic by FOTN, and then Mato creates something really unexpected and different.

What a great and pleasant surprise is this album “Debut” by Mato. It’s quite recommendable, such an interesting experience with music of great quality. This is the result of the dedicated work of very talented artists, working together in this project. If you like The Eden House, and the new album by Place4Tears, don’t hesitate and check this “Debut” by Mato. You will find really good music, and it will expand your musical Horizon. 

Daniel Olvera