Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Soft Moon - Zeros (2012)

The Soft Moon
Captured Tracks

The Soft Moon is back with the darkest, atmospheric, and experimental Post Punk of today. Luis Vasquez continues creating innovative music through his unique artistic vision. This talented artist is in a constant progression and he has done some collaboration with personalities such as Trent Raznor (for How To Destroy Angels) and with John Foxx And The Maths (of the legendary John Foxx from the cult 80’s act: Ultravox!) The Soft Moon has a line up for live shows; they are: Luis Vasquez (guitar, voice, songwriter, and synthesizers) Justin Anastasi (bass) and Keven Tecon (drums) recently they were on tour with Interpol. The band has been very active and now here is the second album: “Zeros” After the intro called “It Ends”, there is the sonic storm called “Machines” it has some strong minimalistic rhythm, and powerful bass lines. A mind-blowing dark song, it is pure energy. “Zeros” has fast and pounding rhythm too, and the guitar sound is in the tradition of the best 80’s Post Punk. Quite captivating song; with the “Whispered” vocals of Luis, which are a unique feature of the sound of the Soft Moon.”Insides” has a contagious and strong drum machine rhythm, the bass lines are ominous; and the guitar sound goes in crescendo, reaching climactic moments.”Remember the future” has some very complex bass line, other instruments are incorporated as the song progresses; and is vertiginous at the end.”Crush” is very experimental at the beginning, and it is quite melodic at the end.”Die life” is quite exciting, and it has the same power of the initial tracks, the rhythm captures your senses and the electronic sounds are hallucinating. ”Lost years” is dark Post Punk with very remarkable guitar work. The rhythm in “Want” is tribal and prevailing, with lots of different sounds. This song will take you to a truly vertiginous trance, and suddenly it ends in a much unexpected manner. ” sdnE tI” is the outro, the final stage of the record. As the previous one, this is like a cycle; it begins and it ends in the same way. This record has powerful songs and it is well balanced with atmosphere, hypnotic passages and experimental feel. 2012 was a great year for the music in the underground scene, and definitely this is one of the most remarkable and innovative releases by far.

Daniel Olvera