Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Phantom Leaf - Phantom Leaf - EP (2011)

Phantom Leaf
Phantom Leaf - EP
Self released

Phantom Leaf is a very talented band, and they are part of the fascinating underground scene from Finland. Let’s get straight to the point: What we have here is high-quality Trad Gothic Rock. Very 90’s in essence. They are really talented and inspired musicians and song writers. Their music is executed in a flawless manner, and this mini album is simply a gem. The sound of Phantom Leaf is in the vein of such great classics as Sweet William, Paralyzed Age, Dronning Maud land and Ikon and it’s very impressive. If you love 90’s Gothic Rock, you will love this one immediately; without a doubt. Phantom Leaf features guitar player Marko Tupamäki; also in Murnau’s Playhouse (previously reviewed here in This Is Gothic Rock) The other members of this band are: Antti Pere( drums),Petri Reinikainen (bass), Miikka Ringman (vocals, guitar),and Tiina Suominen ( vocals and keyboards)

The first track is “Blackbody” since this moment every Gothic Rock lover will be hopelessly under the spell of Phantom Leaf. The rhythm section is a solid and substantial unit, providing density and some dynamic strength to the sound of the band; the guitars are truly impressive, interpreting the purest Gothic Rock sound with a style on their own. The male and female voices have a unique style and they sound flawless. With all of these combined elements, the band has everything to be a classic in the style. “Dust” is beautiful and melodic; very relaxing in the verse, and they raise smoothly the level of intensity in the chorus. The bass lines and the keyboards provide the atmosphere; while the guitars and the voice are giving the strength and passion. The drummer provided the adequate tone marking well all the changes and the rhythm. “Book of winter” is a mid-tempo track, it is very well elaborated and it has some leading keyboards. This track has lots of vitality. “Release” it’s very passionate real Gothic rock. The combination of guitars and keyboards in the middle of the song is sublime; and the voices lead this song to a high peak of emotion. ”Together” is a really inspired track, the band shines here like the great ones. The chorus with the female voices sounds superb, and the song is really climatic. This one combines talent and passion in a very awesome way.

Definitely I want more of Phantom Leaf; this mini album is a five-track masterpiece. They have enormous potential and they can be one of the new classics in the Gothic Rock scene of today. Listen and judge by yourself. With bands like Angels Of Liberty, Merciful Nuns, Dreamtime and of course, Phantom Leaf; the Gothic Rock has been revitalized and has a new strength in this era.