Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Eternal Fall - MM-MMXII (2012)

The Eternal Fall

By the Year 2000, Gothic Rock was in a very underground stage of its existence, due to the extinction of most of the independent Gothic-oriented record labels in Europe. At that time, in America the situation was pretty much the same. Cleopatra Records, the biggest label around (supporting their local acts like The Wake or Screams for Tina, and with many licensed releases from European labels too), suddenly stopped the work with such kind of bands by the first years of this new millennium. The magazines and fanzines like Propaganda and Ghasthly, just vanished too. Because of all of this, we were somehow isolated from what happened in Europe in terms of the Gothic scene. Like another nail in the coffin, some of the biggest magazines like Zillo began to make a huge coverage of the Electro scene, leaving Goth aside. And…internet was not so spread around the world in those days. And if you had some access to it at that time, when typing “Goth” you have some results like Anathema, Nightwish, VNV Nation, etc. It was more easy to find Electro or Metal stuff labeled as “Goth”, instead of new real Gothic Rock bands.

Also, this year 2000 is the year of the birth of Spain’s The Eternal Fall. Being one of the first bands of the Third Wave, The Eternal Fall began to work in the D.I.Y. way. With gigs with such important acts like Garden Of Delight, Nosferatu, Diary Of Dreams, Faith And The Muse, etc and with self- released records, they began to spread around their music; keeping alive the flame of the real Gothic Rock in the new millennium. The members of Eternal Fall are: Sol ( Composer, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Voice and Lyrics) and Francisco Porcel (live bass player). Their Music is High-Quality Gothic Rock executed with passion and excellence, with a touch of the finest Dark Wave and other surprises that they have added to their sound. As the title of this album suggests, MM-MXII is a chronicle of their musical career, covering those self released albums. They have selected 15 awesome tracks for this release; they will be a delight for Gothic Rock fans everywhere. To review a compilation album like this is really worth and necessary because of their brilliant career and that fantastic music that they have been creating in this years. Definitely, they are a very important band in the scene of today.” MM-MMXII” It’s a great way to introduce Eternal Fall to the new audiences (and for those who missed the original releases), who are thirsty for the real and good music.
Great band, and very impressive compilation album.