Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lebanon Hanover - The World is Getting Colder (2012)

Lebanon Hanover
The World is Getting Colder
Fabrika Records

This is another of the most-talked about names in the underground scene in the last year. Lebanon  Hanover is a very talented duo based in Berlin Germany ,they describe their sound as “A moody version of Deathline, or a K-hole incarnation of S.C.U.M.” But I think that their sound is more complex to describe; they have assimilated the influences (in such a great way) of bands like: The early Cure, Joy Division, the Deutsche wave from the 80’s, Asylum Party, and some touch of Malaria. They have been described as Minimal Wave, cold wave or Post punk, and they are all of this. To make it simple; someone posted one day on facebook: “Post Punk at its best!” Actually, this is the best description of their music. “The description about the sound of the band, was made by Michael Jhonson (from Nemesis To Go), and not by the band itself.”

Another term used for them when describing their music is “Frozen” or “Cold” and this goes beyond their cold wave influences, it’s part of the concept and their aesthetics, but believe me: This cold can melt you  when they deliver those driving bass lines; creating t dark 80’s rhythms combined with shynts, the deep and quite seductive voice of Larissa Ice Glass, and the gloomy tones that William Maybelline is very capable to achieve. Their music can capture your senses and make you dance. Some examples of this could be:”Kunst”,”---“  , or the hit for the dance floor of the damned: ”Totally Tot”. They have some very sensual tunes too, like: “Cannibal” and they have found the gloomiest way to say”I love you”.”Die world II”, “Sand”, and “No.1mafioso”, are truly Dark Post Punk Gems.”Einhorn” has a strong influence of the song “Logic” by the Sisters Of Mercy, and it sounds awesome with the mesmerizing voice of Larissa.”Die World” and “A little more hate” are introspective and contemplative, while “Ice Cave” and “Sunderland” are gloomy tracks. And the second one adds intensity and anguish.”Delicious and gorgeous”….The title says it all: A delight for those who love the darkest music, this is quite a trip!

This review has been written based on the C.D. edition, and it includes five interesting bonus tracks. Lebanon Hanover is really interesting; one of the most impressive revelations in the underground scene of today. They have transcended musical labels and scenes, and their sound has captivated to people who likes Gothic Rock, people who likes minimal Wave, to Electro Industrial fans and everybody who has been opened to experience their fascinating music.