Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garden of Delight - Dawn | Rediscovered

Garden of Delight
Dawn | Rediscovered
Solar Lodge

Some classic bands have returned to their first works and have spent some time in the studio doing a remastered version of those cult-releases; it’s like polish the precious jewel using the advantage of the new technologies, and it gives a new shine to the classic masterpiece. The fans are pleased with those improvements in terms of sound quality, and the artist has a chance to make a better remix of the whole album, etc. Artaud Set the master mind behind Garden Of Delight, goes beyond: He as an artist has returned to this classic album and rebuilt it, while maintaining loyal to the original spirit of its creation. The result is a new interpretation of this work, made by the same creative soul. A lot has happened between the original release and this Rediscovered version: The end of Garden Of Delight, Lutherion, and the rise and the impressive career of Merciful Nuns. Because of this,the return of Artaud Seth to his previous works feels quite emotive and has a very special energy. “Dawn” is stage two in a series of Rediscovered releases (New versions) from The Garden Of Delight. The previous one; “Necromanteion” was reviewed here by Oskar Terramortis, when it came out in 2012.

Originally released in 2001, this album starts with one of the definitive all -time classics of the band: ”High Empress” comes with amazing energy and great melody. This is one of the essential tracks in every G.O.D. compilation. ”Silent moments” it’s a dark trip and totally atmospheric. ”Eternal sleep” has great emotion and intensity and is a quite melodic track.”Exorial” its mid-tempo Gothic Rock with power, ”Ceremony” has tribal elements and is another track with great atmosphere. It’s a fine soundtrack for Psychonauts. ”Dawn” it’s even more absorbing and hypnothic. ”Fallen angels” was not available in the original release. Quite hallucinating and relaxing track. And the record ends with the unforgettable “You have been here before”

This is not a remastered album version; this is the reinterpretation of a classic, done with a renewed energy and vision, and the result is a record with a new life. Is a very respectable effort, and its worth to have it (again), because this is a totally new vision of a classic.  “Dawn” keeps its essence; but at the same time, it fits quite well to the standards of the Gothic Rock of the new millennium. And certainly Artaud knows really well about how to do great Gothic Rock in this era: Do you have listened to The Merciful Nuns?

Daniel Olvera