Sunday, January 20, 2013

All Living Fear - Coming Home (2012)

All Living Fear
Coming Home
Danger Noise Rec.

All Living Fear is a band from the UK which has been active since 1992, and has built a name in the European underground scene. And now 20 years later, founder member Matthew North presents this record “Coming Home”. It is an exquisite, relaxing, and very pleasant experience. Their music is a rich mixture of styles  : Gothic Rock, Dark wave, Alternative Rock and even some influences from Progressive Rock bands .The tracks are mid-tempo and each one has been finely crafted, the producer  (Matthew itself) did such a great work.

Mike Soundy (drums), Dave Holwill & Niall Parker (bass) , has joined forces with Matthew (Guitar, voice) to create this record. Have to mention the contribution of Roger O’Donell  (The Cure) with his Keyboards. “Broken Child” is the opener: beautiful song, very relaxing with a fine acoustic sound.”Broken Dream” is very 80’s in spirit, and it’s a fine mixture of Darkwave and Goth Rock in the vein of the Mission UK.”Feel” is melodic and catchy. ”Wait For Yesterday” is closer to the definition of Alt. Rock.”Destiny” is Gothic Rock with passion and some introspective feel.”Dark Out Here” brings more introspection and nostalgia .The title fits quite well to this great song. Then, they step on the accelerator and bring us “Breaking The Fire”. This song is a brilliant Piece of Trad Gothic Rock , ¡Fantastic track! “All Living Fear” is quite an interesting song. In this one, they displayed all of their wide range of sounds and influences from different musical styles.

All Living Fear has lots of experience. I’m pretty sure that they have influenced to some of the new bands from the European scene, hints of their sound can be found in some of them. 20 years after the foundation of the band, Matthew has decided to close the cycle of All Living Fear. “Coming Home” has been announced as the last record of the band, and it’s a closure very emotive and with great music. Hope that Matthew North has something new to offer in the near future.