Sunday, June 8, 2014

Odessa ‎- Odessa (2010)


This is a cult release from Brouillard Définitif Records. In my personal experience, I discovered the music of Odessa thanks to the internet almost five years ago, and I get fascinated with this band. I found somewhere the single “Attente” but I have no info about them, I thought that they were a British band from the early 80’s; but some time later I found that they are from France. And I’m really glad to find a proper Cd release with the music of Odessa, because it is a very interesting band that remained in the shadows for decades. Odessa mentioned to Joy Division and the British and French Post Punk scenes as their influences. Odessa created music from the darker side of early 80’s Post Punk and is a very interesting chapter of the history of underground music. The band received attention of fanzines and magazines after the release of their first single back in the day; and then they disappeared. In the New Millennium the label Brouillard Définitif Records has released this anthology, and the band have released a new single last year and they have a facebook page.

Dark Inside” is darkest 80’s Post Punk executed with majesty, and it’s really impressive. “Atentte” is gloomy with palpitating bass lines, and cold guitar sound, the voice sounds like a distant echo…Total darkness here. “Comrad” is entrancing with those cadenced and dominant bass lines, the sound of the good-old Kaliffornian Death Rock is very close to this song; this is an awesome track indeed. “Trouble” …dark Post Punk at its finest! “Lowly Ceremony” is total gloom and doom and everything seems really blackened…and I like it! “Theatre Bolshoi” has drum machine rhythm and slow pace the bass has some peculiar “funkish” tone in the verse, the intensity goes to the max in the chorus; and here we can see here that so many Death Rock, and Dark Punk bands have learned two or three things from Odessa. “Africa Korps” has this tribal and non-stop rhythm and it’s very interesting, seminal Dark Punk stuff here. “Les Jeux de la Metamorphose” is total obscure atmosphere with heavy density. The demo version of “Dark Inside” sounds really powerful and it’s an interesting bonus track, as well as “Lights” which is an unreleased live track.

Don’t miss this chapter of real Dark music, this is an awesome release highly recommended for people who likes real 80’s Death Rock, the darkest 80’s Post Punk, Old School Goth, Batcave, and Dark Punk. This gem was in the shadows for so many years, don’t miss it! 

Daniel Olvera