Saturday, June 14, 2014

Future – Stay Behind EP (2014)

Stay Behind EP
Parisian duo Future formed in 2012, and has just released its second EP: “Stay Behind”. The EP has been released on CD and can also be purchased on the band’s bandcamp.

It starts without a warning, straight to the point, with a high voltage drum machine beat and an ethereal guitar riff full of reverb. It’s “In Your Eyes”, it’s got melancholy and atmosphere, but it’s danceable and catchy, as if Jesus and Mary Chain had met New Order. A perfect noise pop song. Then comes “Stay”, a bit more quiet, but still very powerful. With this song, Future takes the listener to higher places, it’s so atmospheric, and again, it takes the best of shoegaze and new wave to make an irresistible track. Next is a remix of a song from the first EP: “Starlight”, moving this track to completely new grounds. Very electro, but crude and brutal, it’s music for primitive dance and lust. The record ends with a remix of the first track “In Your Eyes”. The tempo has been drastically lowered, vocals over-processed, an eighties synths hook has been added: an honest ending track, although slightly disappointing in regard of the rest of the EP.

Stay Behind” is a delightful blend of shoegaze, new wave and electronic music, and definitely a good teaser for Future’s announced first album.

Guillaume Renard