Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jessica93 – Who Cares (2013)

Who Cares 
Music Fear Satan

Behind the online-chat- sounding moniker Jessica93 hides a one-man project from Paris. Somewhere between Shoegaze, Post-Punk and Psychedelia, “Who Cares” is a musical UFO in the vein of Swedish project Then Comes Silence’s latest release (read review here). Amazing creativity and open mindedness exude from these 10 tracks and 74 minutes. Long tracks indeed, allowing the listener to dive and drown in Jessica93’s sounds and colors. From the razor-like guitar riff of “Away” (how I love these guitars) to the drone-like sick neo-folk of “Nepal”, the immersion is hallucinating, disturbing, intoxicating. Music without any compromise, like in the acid time of psychedelic bands, only much more evil. Hard to describe, it’s better to live the trip for oneself. Like a narcotic experience. A poisonous and addictive album, only for mature ears. You’re warned.
Guillaume Renard