Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arts Of Erebus - An Open Case of Parousia (2013)

Arts of Erebus 
An Open Case of Parousia

Arts Of Erebus is very well known in the underground Gothic Rock scene of The New Millennium, because of their really well defined style. Their sound is dark, elegant, and very loyal to the roots of the true Gothic Rock from the 90’s. The execution of their music is flawless; and in their songs you will find tradition, substance, and a very detailed work since the song writing, to the production of their albums. Don’t forget to mention this very melodic approach in their music, which is exquisite. I really like to listen to this band alone, and with the proper volume; in order to appreciate all of the detail in their records. The very dedicated work in the production department; and the crystal-clean sound resulting from this crafting, allows us to enjoy all of this wide range of sounds, and the musicality created by the entire band. And as I said before; a very careful listening is the best way to appreciate, and to enjoy a record like this….

“Overture” is a solemn prelude to “On the edge of insanity”; after the initial guitar chords, the room is flowed with their unique brand of Traditional Gothic Rock, when the chorus sounds strong and clear, you will have this feeling of “like been in home” in terms of their sound. And this is quite good, because they are a consummated band with a unique style. This track has been selected as the first single for this new album. “Spark of hope” begins with acoustic chords, preceding to the strong sound, which develops into a melody that will make you move; is like be in trance. Then, the choruses break this sensation with force and lots of emotion. “Ghost of war” Is Traditional Gothic Rock with a perfect mixture of melody and energy; this track is really remarkable. “Gates of Hades” is a good contrast; it is majestic and atmospheric, with a slow rhythm and very surrounding. A really interesting combination of synths, and soft Gothic guitar chords are prologue to “Point of no return”. This track has a good dose of energy, and it is mid-tempo. “The wanderer between life and death” accelerates the rhythm, using a balanced dose of adrenaline and melodic guitars.”Shadow of life” is another example of how they can hypnotize you with those mesmerizing slow rhythms. “Insight in darkness” literally surrounds you with this musicality and rich sound, it’s quite good. “Requiscal in peace” has very melodic and subtlety guitar chords in the verse; alternated with chorus with accelerated rhythm, and the band sounds really strong here.”Epilogue: They die is cast” is very involving, dramatic, and ritualistic. This is the last track for “Parousia” and is a solid conclusive tune. Arts of Erebus is a very interesting band of The Third Wave Of Gothic Rock, they have founded a quite solid career with releases of quality; and this new album is in the tradition of the best Gothic Rock from the 80’s and the 90’s.They follow a straight line, in which there are giving their best with every release. Gothic Rock devotees: This one is for you, don’t miss it.

Daniel Olvera