Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vic Anselmo - In My Fragile (2011)

Vic Anselmo
In My Fragile
Dance Macabre 

She is really talented and one of a kind artist. Vic Anselmo is a songwriter with very interesting ideas, and a truly gifted voice; she has a total domain of it, and a great technique. Add to this a totally ravishing on-stage persona, and their great passion when performing live-shows; Is inevitable to be attracted by their art, or at least have some reaction to it. You have to check some videos of their live performances, to really understand her approach to the music and her wonderful energy and theatrical performance. In terms of music, she has no limits or restrictions; she explores the vast sounds of the underground music: Going from Gothic, Dark Wave, Alternative, some dark Dream Pop, traces of Cabaret sound, and even some heavy guitars, contrasted with sublime moments of only piano and voice. Quite a combination of music styles she has created. “In My Fragile” is her album from 2011, and comes with post-apocalyptic imagery and fifteen songs.

After the intro, “More than you can comprehend” breaks with some heavy riffs; the voice is clear and creates a crescendo, leading to a captivating musicality which is really seductive in the chorus. “Open Wide” is playful and theatrical, the intensity increases with those heavy guitars; and after some delusional calm, it explodes into a climactic moment displaying energy at the end of the song. “Horizon” is wonderfully melodic and warm, really captivating, and such a perfect tune that works really well as the first single for this production. “Wellspring” is just piano and her voice, really stunning   and touching; with a melancholic feeling. “Bones blues” has some Dark Cabaret touch; and she displays her voice with theatrical ability, like creating different characters. The loud guitars give strength in the more appropriate moments; very unique song. “Ashes” is a beautiful and somehow sad song, with a very detailed orchestration, and this one is full of emotion. “Secrets of the universe” is such a fine example of how she can do Dark Pop at its best.”Das dunkle land” has playful vocals at the beginning, and this song steps really firmly in the grounds of Dark Wave, with a very personal approach; while combining other sounds. “In the darkness” is a rich mixture of Dark Wave, Alternative, and Dark Pop, with some very interesting transitions; and they are very well done. “The day” is peaceful and quite relaxing at the beginning, and later it rises with radiant energy. Vic Anselmo does two kind of live performances. One is with the full band, and all of their performance. The other is a most intimate approach, is only she and her piano. Tracks 12 to 15 could be a bonus live EP; because they are the other side of their live performances. We can listen to the piano-voice live performance here, and it is quite good because we can know the complete experience; both sides of their live performances. And it is really appreciated!

She is very unique and in my opinion she is much, much better than those mid-mainstream artists, or the commercial-alternative bands which have used some elements of Gothic music. The quality in this release is great, and is really pleasant to know and listen to a proposal as fresh like this one. She has their own and unique charm.

Daniel Olvera