Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cromosoma 3 - Cromosoma 3 - EP (2012)

Cromosoma 3
Cromosoma 3
Secret Sin Records 
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Cromosoma 3 from Spain is my favorite Gotha-Billy band; they capture this authentic feeling of the music from the 50’s. But I’m talking about  that Rock n Roll of the rebels with leather jackets, riding Hotrods and bikes…The Wild ones! This is wonderfully retro, dark, it has some totally danceable tracks; and it comes with all of the imagery from those beloved Classic Horror and Sci-Fi movies. The B-series are such an inspiration here, and I love this. Everything is part of the concept here: The wonderful sound of the music recreating the 50’s, the album cover is like some illustration coming out from classic horror comics like: “Tales From The Crypt” or “Vault Of Horror”. You can read in the tombstones names like Buddy Holly, Vincent Price, Lux Interior, Eduardo Benavente, Ian Curtis, Edith Piaff, Link Wray, etc., etc. This is a tribute to all of their influences from the music, and the movies, and it’s such a fine detail!

After the intro, which seems to be some extract from a B series-Sci –fi movie; it comes: “Spiders from the angry red planet” This is dark 50’s very danceable and with great rhythm. The voice listens deep and sounds like if it’s coming from an old Radio receptor; and this song will make you dance for sure. And the dancing will be non-stop, because”She is the creature of planet X” has great rhythm too…Dance and snap your fingers with this one! “To mente” is dark and predates to the listener with eerie tones, the level of intensity increases in the chorus, and later it fades in the obscurity. Get up from your seat and dance again!: ”Razas de la noche” (Night breed) has some quite frenetic rhythm and is really wild, enjoy!  “Adictos a la lujuria” is their cover version of the absolute classic Spanish band; Paralisis Permanente: Nuff Said! …Really great epilogue for this quite good EP. Cromosoma 3 is such a really fine band; they are quite good doing this style of music. If you don’t know yet this kind of Dark music; this release is the best way to do it, because this is really good stuff. And if you are a fan of Cromosoma3: Don’t miss it!, as far as I know it is still available at Secret Sin Records (AOL) 

Daniel Olvera