Monday, May 12, 2014

Contrepoison - I Keep On Searching | 12" EP (2014)

I Keep On Searching

Contrepoison is making music for the New Dark Age; this is a solo Project of Pierre-Mark Tremblay and he’s doing some of the most obscure electronic music. He has managed to create some eerie atmospheres with some strong psychological effect, and at the same time he has made tracks with clean execution and great rhythm. He has developed a really interesting sound, and his music captured my attention instantly. Contrepoison is pretty interesting and this is a 2014 EP released by Avant! Records.

Every Dream I Have Is About You” is dark, ominous, and cinematic; it could fit very well in some movie by Dario Argento. And then “I Keep On Searching” enter with all of that 80’s feel of the underground scene. The voice and the synths here made me think in some sinister version of Visage. “No Need To Dream” goes deeply into musical experimentation; a twisted combination of New Romantic sound and Power Electronics, really hallucinating indeed. “Nectar Of Destiny” is powerfully introspective; and is like a desperate scream coming out from a gloomy atmosphere.

Music like this is very hard to describe, but is so interesting and captivating in its own unique way. Definitely I want to listen more songs from Contrepoison. 

Daniel Olvera