Monday, November 12, 2012

Announcement about NECROMANTEION and THIS IS GOTHIC ROCK radio shows

The reason why I can not continue my radio is this photo, is one of the reasons. I have to concentrate on my studies because I must learn this language in 10 months, in addition to my duties as a parent. Radio programs take me a couple hours but planning them takes longer. I'll just do the Spanish version, because it is easier for me because of the language, of course.In fact, the pages of and will be updated every two weeks. 

Believe me this is a real challenge, I study Finnish 6 hours each workday and not a word of English is spoken on the classes, it's frustrating! is closed for now. I apologize to all fans of Necromanteion and This is Gothic

Rock. Right now is the moment I must cut down my hobby and work hard on my SUOMI. It was a very hard decision for me but stress causes the accumulation of stuff, which is affecting my sanity :-) I´ll send you the t-shirts and hoodies in 3-4 weeks from now on.

I'll deactivate my facebook profile in a week when everyone
who have written me (which I appreciate so much) has received an answer reading this. I have read every one of your comments, unfortunately I have no time to answer the 69 emails I received. Thanks and see you soon, maybe in 2013. SARRU MASS EVERYBODY!

Oskar Terramortis