Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is Gothic Rock 1st Anniversary Contest

This is Gothic Rock – Contest
Hello my friends and listeners.

Next june 24th will be the fist anniversary of my radio shows, Necromanteion and This is Gothic Rock.
To celebrate this 1st anniversary i´ll make a contest. To participate in this contest you have to like our facebook page: THIS IS GOTHIC ROCK, NECROMANTEION, CATHEDRAL 13

You can win the following parcel:

  1. AFMUSIC sampler – Join the Dark Side, We Have the Music (CD)
  2. Angels of Liberty – Monster in Me Ep | 156 of 666 / handnumbered (CD)
  3. Angels of Liberty – signed picture
  4. Arts of Erebus – Icon In My Eyes (CD)
  5. Arts of Erebus – 3 stickers
  6. Christine Plays Viola – Innocent Awareness (CD)
  7. Come With Reverse – Come With Reverse (CD)
  8. Cromosoma 3 – Cromosoma 3 EP | 55 of 100 / handnumbered (CD)
  9. Das Ich – Cabaret (CD)
  10. Godless Procession – Godless Procession (LP)
  11. Hyena Motorcade – Promo Single (CD) + sticker
  12. Kalt – Der Sturm (CD)
  13. Lestat – Arisen (CD)
  14. Monica Richards – Infrawarrior – The Strange Familiar (CD)
  15. Place4tears – The Silent Flame (CD)
  16. Reactive Black – A New Dawn... (CD)
  17. Reactive Black – Upcoming Evil (CD)
  18. Reactive Black – 3 Stickers + 2 pins + signed picture
  19. Salvation AMP – demo (CD)
  20. Snakedance - Card
  21. The Beauty of Gemina – At the End of the Sea (CD)
  22. The Beautiful Dead – Moonlight & Hollywood (signed CD)
  23. The Home of the Hitman – 1 sticker
  24. The Spiritual Bat – 2 stickers
  25. Vic Anselmo – In My Fragile (DIGI)

  • More bands/CDs to confirm in the following days, i´m still waiting for some packages so stay tuned.
    What you have to do? simple, just write an article of how you lived the transition of the second wave to the third wave. Best article will be published in my upcoming book and will be a very happy person becuase i´ll send him/her this wonderful parcel. 

    *I only will accept articles in perfect english
    * Send your articles to: terramortis@thisisgothicrock.com

    *The winner has to pay the shipping of this parcel.
    *Also you can participate in Necromanteion 1st anniversary contest. Click here for more info