Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Veil of Light

Country: Switzerland
Formed in: 2012
Location: Zurich
Members: M.
Contact: mh(at)

Floating waves of synths combined with reverb drenched guitars waft through the streets of the city like veils of shimmering light. Dark pounding drums roar from the distance like thunder in a misty autumn night. Held together by impulsive basses and echoing vocals. Zurich based Gothgaze/Post-Punk project Veil Of Light emerged in late october 2012. It was created by M as a one-man-band and side-project to his New Wave band Twilight Empire. Written, performed and recorded all alone in a bunker at the border of Zurich, Switzerland. The music consists of dark scapes of early Post-Punk and Goth bands of the 80´s and haunting Shoegaze wall of sounds. Veil of Light is a one man project from Zürich, Switzerland. On this, his eponymous debut EP, we are treated to six songs of ice cold gothgaze splendour drenched in reverb and distortion. Dreamy, hazy and above all catchy as hell, Veil of Light brings to mind Pornography era Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, even a touch of Death in June circa 1984. 

Veil of Light - Veil of Light EP (2013)